Dave Baker – Loyal Order Spokesman


Introducing the 2013-2014 Loyal Order Spokesman!

David W. Baker
Beta Delta – Georgetown ’79
Loyal Order #3058

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, I’ve never led an army, I’ve never coached in a championship, I’ve never won The Masters… I’ve never done any of those things. But in my professional life as a sportscaster I’ve been blessed to spend a lot of time with and learn from some great champions in the Southeastern Conference. And I’m proud to say many of their traits I find within Kappa Alpha Order, and specifically, those members who join the Loyal Order.


Why did you join the Loyal Order?

I want to receive The Kappa Alpha Journal for life! You know, you never know when someone needs that connection to KA. They could be having a regular bad day, or even one they wish they could forget—they The Journal arrives in the mail. And it’s a special touch, and extra reminder of their brotherhood and their enduring bond. And it helps them get through the day.

To perpetuate that feeling—that is why I joined the Loyal Order.


So who else should join the Loyal Order?

Every single KA. If you’re receiving this issue, and you’re not a member, you should join—because you’re probably getting it for free otherwise. The Loyal Order endows the costs of The Journal so that the funds used for it can be directed back to our undergraduate members for education and services.

Its as simple as this. Stay connected. Receive the Journal. Support KAs everywhere.

Join the Loyal Order today!