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What is the Loyal Order?

The Loyal Order is an elite group of alumni and undergraduate KAs committed to the enduring bonds of our brotherhood and to the future success of Kappa Alpha Order.

Launched in 2003, the Loyal Order now has over 3,000 members who have made this commitment. You may have heard the phrase, “Once a KA, always a KA.” The principle purpose of the Loyal Order is to provide you with a way to recommit to a lifetime of brotherhood. Joining the Loyal Order is the best way to stay connected to KA. It also provides you a wonderful opportunity to help shape the future of KA.

The Loyal Order helps secure the future of one of the oldest fraternity magazines in the world, The Kappa Alpha Journal, which has been published since 1879. In fact, the Loyal Order’s primary objective is to fully endow The Journal in order to free up more resources for our undergraduate programs.

The motto of the Loyal Order is “Fratres Fideles” or “Brothers Faithful” and expresses the core value of those who’ve made a commitment to the Order’s future. We believe that the greater the loyalty of a group, the greater the probability the group will achieve its goals, and this is another primary reason the Loyal Order was established.

Who are the Loyal Order?

The Loyal Order is made up of alumni and undergraduates, of all ages, who’ve decided to take advantage of their Kappa Alpha Order membership long after their college years. They include scores of successful men from every walk of life who have added distinction to themselves and Kappa Alpha Order. Among the 3,600+ plus members of the Loyal Order are men like:

  • NFL Super Bowl coach/quarterback Sam Wyche (Iota–Furman ’66),
  • US Army four-star General Jack N. Merritt (Beta Eta–Oklahoma ’49),
  • Professional golfer Ben Crenshaw (Omicron–Texas ’71),
  • Former professional baseball player and current sportscaster Tim McCarver (Gamma Gamma–Memphis ’62),
  • Former ATF special agent and Former Knight Commander, J. Michael Duncan (Delta Kappa–Stephen F. Austin State ’69), and
  • Former Senior Vice President of AT&T and former Knight Commander William E. Dreyer (Alpha Delta–William Jewell ’57)

Will you join this elite group of KA members?

Why join the Loyal Order?

The Loyal Order embodies the success, character, values and a deep sense of integrity that we all wish for ourselves and our families. Your membership will help preserve the traditions of excellence associated with KA and will serve as an example of loyalty and dedication for future generations of Kappa Alphas. The Loyal Order is perhaps the best way for members to take part in the enduring spirit and heritage of Kappa Alpha Order.

Loyal Order membership comes with no meetings to fit into your hectic schedule, but with the promise of a renewed sense of purpose in KA. There is a lifetime commitment that we, as Kappa Alphas, talked about in our undergraduate days. Let the strength of your example serve as a guide for other brothers and generations of future Kappa Alpha Order members.

By becoming a Loyal Order member, you’re making a powerful statement that you believe Kappa Alpha should continue to play an important role in building young men of character…and the world desperately needs such men. Your dedication as a member of the Loyal Order will lay the foundation for a stronger, better Kappa Alpha Order for generations to come.

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