Sam Wyche – Loyal Order Spokesman


Dear Brothers,

Kappa Alpha Order needs you to be a part of an elite group of brothers known as the Loyal Order.  We need you to help ensure that future generations of brothers have the same powerful fraternity experiences that you and I have had.  We want you to stay connected to KA by receiving a lifetime subscription to our award winning magazine, The Kappa Alpha Journal.

Did you know that our collegiate brothers are shouldering the burden of paying for The Kappa Alpha Journal through their dues – even though it is mostly an alumni publication?

The Loyal Orders is a program that creates an all-important endowment fund for our magazine, so that collegiate dues can be freed up to pay for essential programming and leadership development skills. With the Loyal Order, we can finally ensure that our magazine continues to reflect the wonderful memories and experiences of our brothers – and as a member, you can ensure that you remain connected to KA by receiving it for a lifetime.

I joined The Loyal Order because I want to make sure future brothers experience KA the way I did.  And for all the reasons you’re loyal… please join me and become a Loyal Order member right now.



Sam Wyche (Iota–Furman ’66)
Former NFL Quarterback & Coach
Loyal Order Member #2321


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